For your office

PDS Personal Delegation Service Michaela Kainzner For Your Office

“The best office is one that you can fit on the back seat of a car.”

(Jean Paul Getty, American industrialist and billionaire)

Easier said than done: Where to put countless documents, receipts and forms? What to do when heaps of paper grow into imposing mountains that would challenge an intrepid mountaineer?

As your personal office manager I can show you a way out of the clerical maze, for example by organizing your files for bookkeeping or processing your travel receipts. A clean desk is no piece of art, but the result of tenacious commitment.

I'm happy to do it for you and help you individually manage your precious time. The best office is one that you don't need to always carry around in your head. So step on the gas and get a flying start into a fulfilled life – it pays off big!